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What is the Personal Librarian program?
Well, it’s another way for you to connect with the Georgia State law librarians. As a new 1L, there may be times when you have a question you’d prefer not to ask your Research Methods in Law instructor (“I missed class, and I need help understanding this …”) or when they are unavailable. As a 2L or 3L, you may not have much in-class time with a librarian, so we’re also available to talk to you about seminar papers, where to start on a new research assignment from work, and any other questions you might have during your time at Georgia State.

Do you report on what we say to my other teachers?
No, we don’t. Your Personal Librarian is not your Research Methods instructor. They’re just someone else available to help you during law school, especially when it comes to research questions.

Do I have to come to see you?
Nope. It’s up to you. You’ll probably still get emails from your Personal Librarian from time to time though, alerting you to library news and events.

Can I still ask my Research Methods instructor or a Reference librarian questions?
Of course. Your instructor will probably be your first contact for class-related queries, and the Reference Desk is there precisely so someone is available to help answer research questions. Your Personal Librarian’s primary job is to keep you updated on what’s happening in the library but can help with your other inquiries too.

Personal Librarians

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What do you do? I'm in charge of the services that the library provides to faculty - such as researching arcane (and non-arcane) topics and working with faculty research assistants - and supervise the library's research GRAs. I also do a lot of other things, including work at the reference desk, teach research methods, and help decide what we purchase.

Did you always want to be a librarian? Not really, although I gravitated toward libraries fairly early (I was in my elementary school's library club - basically, I shelved books). When I graduated from undergrad, I thought I was going to go back to grad school (probably in English lit) to be a professor. But then I started working at the UGA libraries, and I decided pretty quickly afterward that I wanted to be a librarian.

What is your favorite sport? Anything/everything that goes on at the Olympics.

Favorite movie? Tie between Terminator 2 and The Color Purple.

Favorite class in school? In undergrad, either History of Rock Music or Ulysses. In library school, I really enjoyed my Book Publishing class, but that may just have been because we got to talk about comic books with a guy from DC Comics. In law school, probably Sexual Orientation & the Law.

Do you drive to school or take MARTA? Drive, although I did take MARTA for a couple of years. Driving is easier in the rain.

Favorite legal resource? I love the Federal Register, and both the Federal Register website and are wonderful because they really help do what the Federal Register was designed to do - make the process of federal rulemaking more transparent and more accountable to the people.

Favorite place in Atlanta? Even though I don't go there much at all anymore, I still love Little 5 Points.

What do you splurge on? I don't really "splurge" that much at all, but I do have a video game weakness, particularly for Zelda-related things.

Best place to get lunch near the law school? Aviva By Kameel in the Mall at Peachtree Center. The falafel (and service) is excellent.

Contact Info & Faculty Bio

Law Portraits, set up studio in their libraryMeg Butler

What do you do? In the library, I am the Associate Director for Public Services, and that means that I work to make sure that the library is doing what it needs to do to fulfill the needs of our patrons--faculty, students, and citizens.

Did you always want to be a librarian? Sometimes.  When I was little, in elementary school, I "worked" in the library.  And middle school.  And high school.  And somehow I didn't manage to become a professional librarian until later.

What is your favorite sport? I used to try and write a novel in the month of November. Sometimes I watch smallish people kick soccer balls around and I work in my yard. Last week I used a chainsaw to cut down limbs from some trees in my backyard to make room for a trampoline.

Favorite movie? This is a very difficult question to answer.  I have enjoyed a bunch of serious movies.  But two movies that I love to watch over and over again are Addam's Family Values and The Pirate Movie.  I like them because they make me laugh.

Favorite class in school? In library school, my favorite class was young adult literature.  In teacher school, my favorite class was about teaching math.  In law school, my favorite class was probably tax.  At least, that was the most memorable.

Do you drive to school or take MARTA? My commute is extended by ferrying children around, so I mostly drive now. I telecommute some Fridays.

Favorite legal resource? The Bluebook.  Who doesn't love something so easy to complain about?

Favorite place in Atlanta? I enjoy working in my front yard. So maybe my front yard? I can chat with neighbors, enjoy the weather, and watch my kids ride bikes or scooters.

What do you splurge on? Pet supplies. Toys for cats, toys for kids. Books. Crickets for the gecko.

Best place to get lunch near the law school?  I like to bring my lunch. I recommend eating on the 5th floor and 6th floor balconies when they're open. It is awesome to feel the breeze and the sun!

Contact Info & Faculty Bio

What do you do? I’m the Digital and Instructional Service Librarian. That means there's a decent chance you'll meet me when I give a guest lecture in one of your courses.  Make sure to say 'hi." I also teach Research Methods and maintain the law library’s digital collections.

Did you always want to be a librarian? No, I originally went to law school with the intention of practicing law. However, once I figured it out, the call of librarianship was basically undeniable.

What is your favorite sport? Tbh, I’m not much of a sports fan. Maybe Jordan-era NBA?

Favorite movie? Either Brazil or Children of Men.

Favorite class in school? Civil Rights was really memorable.

Do you drive to school or take MARTA? I originally MARTA’d, but we’re in the middle of a pandemic, so that is liable to change.

Favorite legal resource? I love how weirdly specific ALRs can be.

Favorite place in Atlanta? I’m a big fan of L5P. I also love downtown Decatur, especially the Dancing Goats coffeehouse.

What do you splurge on? Coffee. If at all possible, I do like the good stuff.

Best place to get lunch near the law school? Probably Taqueria on Broad.

Contact Info & Faculty Bio

What do you do? I’m the Student Engagement Librarian. Basically, I coordinate all the outreach efforts of the library and plan our student events. I also teach Research Methods and work on the reference desk.

Did you always want to be a librarian? Nope. But now that I'm here, I can't imagine it any other way.

What is your favorite sport? To play, volleyball. To watch, college football (specifically Texas).

Favorite movie? How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) starring Jim Carrey and directed by Ron Howard.

Favorite class in school? Math until we got to geometry. Then it was all over.

Do you drive to school or take MARTA? Drive.

Favorite legal resource? Research guides.

Favorite place in Atlanta? Oakland Cemetery. (It sounds creepier than it is -- it's really lovely!)

What do you splurge on? My wardrobe.

Best place to get lunch near the law school? Ol' reliable Rising Roll.

College of Law Room 483, ph 404-413-9903

What do you do? I am the Legal Technologies Librarian, so I do a lot of traditional library tasks like teaching Research Methods and providing faculty, students, and staff support at the reference desk. I also work in the Legal Analytics and Innovation Initiative where I will be teaching legal technology courses and assisting the program in its technology certification offerings.

Did you always want to be a librarian? I wanted to be a librarian since my third year in college when I had a chance to intern at the American Library Association in Chicago. I was so amazed to learn about the interesting and multifaceted profession. Who knew librarians were more than the people who check out your books! Between undergrad and going to graduate school for library science I ended up working as a paralegal and fell equally in love with the law. So I took a brief detour and went law school on my way to graduate school. Having both degrees allowed me to combine my interests-- and I have never looked back!

What is your favorite sport? Football. I am a die-hard Chicago Bears fan. Win or lose (often lose), I love Da Bears.

Favorite movie? I feel like there are a lot of answers to this question, but I love a good coming of age story. In that genre it might be Almost Famous or Booksmart.

Favorite class in school? I have been to a lot of school in my life, so I obviously just love learning! I studied creative writing and poetry for a bit in college and those classes were the most fulfilling. In law school I loved my statutory interpretation class because I felt like I was able to dig into language the same way I had in those undergrad courses.

Do you drive to school or take MARTA? Drive, I am a suburbanite [at least until my kids are grown]!

Favorite legal resource? I am a big fan of the motto, “you have to use the right tool for the right job.” I do not have one favorite because they all have different strengths and weaknesses. I want to use the best resource available for the specific type of legal information I need or legal problem at hand. That said, I love sophisticated docketing tools. Not just because I love data and analytics, but because dockets are hidden treasure troves for all sorts of legal materials.

Favorite place in Atlanta? I love Piedmont Park. My old office was nearby and I regularly walked it and ate lunch there. I love going to the farmer’s market, taking my kids to the Noguchi playground, and catching random park festivals (especially the International Kite Expo every October).

What do you splurge on? Travel. I would do without a lot so long as I always had the ability to travel and have new experiences in new places.

Best place to get lunch near the law school? I love AZN on Broad St. I am a sucker for any type of Asian food and I love that I can mix it up to make different combos every time!

Contact Info & Faculty Bio

What do you do? In addition to teaching RMiL, I optimize and oversee access to the law library's digital collections. If something is not working, let me know.

Did you always want to be a librarian? No, when I was fourteen I was thrown out of the Worthington Public Library by one of those angry, shushing librarians for putting my feet on a chair while I was reading. Needless to say, she and others like her soured me on librarianship. I eventually met, was supported by and then worked alongside and was mentored by the good ones.

What is your favorite sport? Soccer. I support Atlanta United and any English Premier League club fielding Americans which leaves me with Leeds (Aaronson, Adams, and Marsh) in the EPL this year. Leeds!Leeds! Leeds!

Favorite movie? Miller's Crossing. Albert Finney's tommy-gun sequence to Danny Boy is great, just great.

Favorite class in school? I enjoyed Tax far more than I expected, but it is no longer tested on the Georgia Bar.

Do you drive to school or take MARTA? I drive a gray SUV that looks like every other gray SUV.

Favorite legal resource? Words and Phrases.

Favorite place in Atlanta? Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Atlanta United game days and Kimball House for happy hour.

What do you splurge on? Vinyl.

Best place to get lunch near the law school? Bell Street Burritos on Krog St.

Do I have to come to see you? Nope. It's up to you. You'll probably still get emails from your Personal Librarian from time to time though, alerting you to library news and events. Feel free to reply to those emails with any library-related questions or concerns.

Contact Info & Faculty Bio

What do you do? I’m the Associate Director for Legal Technology & Innovation and The Executive Director of the Legal Analytics and Innovation Initiative here at the College of law. This is a fancy way of saying I work in the library and am in charge of technology curriculum, programming, and initiatives for the College.

Did you always want to be a librarian? Not at all. My mom was an elementary school librarian when I was young, but I never gave it a second thought until I was out of Law School for a few years.

What is your favorite sport? Anything Pittsburgh. Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, Penn State. I like hockey way more than most people living in Atlanta.

Favorite movie?  The Last Waltz

Favorite class in school?  History

Do you drive to school or take MARTA? or Walk. I only live like 3 miles from the College of Law so I walk in most days, barring thunderstorms or oppressive heat.

Favorite legal resource? Research Guides. All-day every day.

Favorite place in Atlanta? Just one place? Probably Buford Highway for dumplings and Asian grocery stores. is definitely a favorite.

What do you splurge on? Musical instruments, craft beer, and exotic camping trips.

Best place to get lunch near the law school? BullGogi in Peachtree center. It used to be called Bistro 7 and is the best cheap Chinese place around. My standard order is steamed rice, plantains, spring rolls, teriyaki chicken, and sesame chicken (the combo comes in right around $10.)

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