Alerting Services

The Law Library provides access to several services which can be used to monitor new developments in an area of law or new publications. In addition to the services listed below, the Law Library can also set up many other types of specialized alerts in both law and non-law subjects. For assistance with these services, please contact Pam Brannon.

The Current Index to Legal Periodicals is a weekly index to the latest articles published in over 570 legal publications, organized by journal and by subject heading. Law faculty can choose to receive the entire weekly publication or just those parts of the index that are of interest. If you are interested in receiving the entire CILP, contact Pam Brannon. If you would like to only receive information on new articles in those subjects and journals that are of interest to you, you can set up a SmartCILP profile. Once you set up a profile, SmartCILP will send you an email message each week with the latest articles in the subject headings and journals that you identify. You can set up or edit your SmartCILP profile online; contact Pam Brannon for the authorization code.
LexisNexis Alerts allow you to save searches to run automatically at intervals that you specify. The results can be stored for you to view in LexisNexis or sent to you via email. To set up a LexisNexis Alert, run the search in LexisNexis that you would like to save, then click on "Save as Alert" at the top of the screen.
SSRN eJournals alert subscribers via email to new papers posted to SSRN on a particular subject. eJournal alerts typically contain abstracts and links to three to six new papers. SSRN currently distributes over 100 eJournals on legal subjects, on topics ranging from evidence and evidentiary procedure to law and literature. For a list of SSRN eJournals and information on subscribing, please contact Pam Brannon.
A WestClip automatically performs a search in Westlaw at specific intervals that you specify. You may either create a WestClip or save a search you have already run as a WestClip. To set up a WestClip, run the search in Westlaw that you would like to save, then click on "Add Search to WestClip" at the top of the result list. More instructions on setting up a WestClip are available online.

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