Library Rewards Program

The Library Rewards program is similar in nature to other points programs sponsored by legal research vendors. Each time you attend a library event or complete certain activities within the library, you accrue Library Rewards Points. You can then cash-in these points for a variety of library-related products or services.

This program is open to all currently-enrolled Georgia State University College of Law students, including visiting students.
You can accrue points in a variety of ways. This is the current list of eligible programs and activities, as well as their point values:

  • Complete a library puzzle (1 point) [located in the “Research Guides” display]
  • Attend an orientation tour of the library (1 point)
  • Attend a library program
    • Library Abridged (1 point)
    • Co-sponsored program (2 points)
    • Group training session (2 points)
    • Library-only program (3 points)
  • Attend a book signing in the library (2 points)
  • Participate in a library focus group (2 points)
  • Schedule and complete an in-office research consultation with a librarian (3 points) [Legal Bib not eligible]
  • Answer a trivia question (1 point)
  • Complete a library survey (1 point)
  • Suggest a program or reward to add (2 points, if implemented)
  • Other, assigned as needed

It’s up to you to make sure your attendance at one of these events is recorded.

Here are the current products and services you can spend your points on:

  • Koozie (3 points)
  • Free printing, 25 pages (6 points)
  • Glass mug (8 points)
  • Reserved carrel/table for a week
    • During semester (8 points)
    • During exams (11 points)
  • Study room for a day
    • During semester (12 points)
    • During exams (15 points)
  • Other, assigned as needed

It is up to you when you decide to cash-in your points. If you like instant gratification, you may decide to cash in for something with a low point value. You can also save up your points for a reward with a higher point value; depending on how many eligible programs you attend, you may need to accrue points over more than one semester or year of law school. We will send out periodic emails to let you know how many points you have.
Signing In
It is your responsibility to sign in during programs and events; we will not automatically add points to students who do not sign in. You’ll need to provide the following information: name, class year, email address. To sign in, see Deborah Schander or Austin Williams, the Student Services librarians. If you schedule a research consultation with another librarian, you must request that librarian contact Deborah or Austin to record your points.

Cashing Out
Contact either Deborah or Austin to cash out your rewards points.

  • For free printing, you need to cash in this reward all at once (i.e. you can’t print 3 pages here, 4 pages there, etc.).
  • For carrels and tables, you will receive a Reserved sign to place on your chosen your own carrel or table for the week, so long as it is not already occupied by another student.
  • Study rooms must be reserved (through Deborah or Austin) at least 9 days in advance. Study rooms can be reserved by one person through this program only.

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