Reference librarians are available to to help library users locate legal resources, suggest books, indexes, and electronic resources, and instruct users on how to navigate those resources. Georgia State University students, faculty, and staff, alumni, the local legal community, and public patrons can get help from reference librarians.
Generally, reference librarians or graduate research assistants (GRAs) staff the reference desk between the following hours:
Days Hours
Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
For exceptions, consult Hours page.
Patrons who are unable to come to the Law library during reference hours can reach reference librarians by two methods: (1) Chat Reference or (2) Phone. Chat reference is operational during the same hours that reference librarians and GRAs staff the reference desk.  Patrons can access the chat reference box on the left side of the Law Library homepage.  Chat reference is designed to assist library users with brief research questions, such as how to find information on a particular topic using the library's online catalog or electronic resources.  More complex questions, such as those requiring in-depth knowledge of a subject or resource, may require the librarian to suggest an alternative method of communication, such as an in-person reference appointment.  For more information on Chat Reference, refer to the Chat Reference Policy on the Policies page. The phone number for the reference desk is (404) 413-9102.
No, reference librarians cannot offer legal advice or opinion. Reference librarians are not allowed to speculate as to the outcome of an issue, tell a patron what procedural steps to follow, complete legal forms, or interpret legal materials. Reference librarians can suggest legal resources, such as books, indexes, and electronic resources, and instruct users on how to navigate those resources.
No.  Students and professors at the College of Law are not able to give legal advice or case assistance to the public.
The Law Library has research stations available to the public to access online legal research databases and other websites that may be useful when doing legal research.  The research stations have the ability to open PDFs, but they do not have Word Processors (Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, etc.). The research stations are located across from the reference desk.
The Law Library does have wireless internet access for Georgia State students, faculty, and staff.  The Law Library does not have wireless access for public patrons. Public patrons wishing to use their laptops can access the internet by bringing an ethernet cable and plugging in at one of the Law Library's wired study carrels.
Yes.  Patrons can print and make copies in the Law Library. Patrons need to purchase a Guest Copy Card from the copy room in the Law Library in order to print from the research stations or make copies in the copy room.  The machine only accepts cash.  Copy cards are $1 each.  After purchasing the card, patrons must load additional money onto the card for printing.  Printing is $0.05 per page.  Copying costs $0.08 per page. Patrons may also scan documents using our KIC Bookeye 4 Scanners.  Scanned documents can be emailed or saved to a USB drive.

Chat Reference

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